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What We Do

Digital strategy

Our team will create a highly relational digital marketing strategy that YOU WILL BE EXCITED ABOUT! We will execute that strategy with a level of excellence most have never seen before.

Creative content

Our team will help you understand and create non agenda driven content adding value to your brand other than the pitch.


Our team will identify and update any branding inconsistencies on all social media platforms.

Reputation Management

Our team will respond to all messages, comments even repost instagram stories so you don't have to!

Our Team


Shannon has been on the custodial staff at the talaria agency for a number of years and has shown considerable improvement from his first day.

Content Creator

Madie is a content creator who has saturated herself in the media industry over 5 years. She began her media journey back in 2014 when she started as a broadcasting student at Dallas Baptist University.

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Commercial Relationship Manager

Lindsay is one of Talaria’s content creators. She studied nursing at Dallas Baptist University. During her time at DBU she realized her love for the arts and all things creative trumped her desire to be a nurse.

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Content Creator

Samantha is one of our content creators for Talaria. She has worked within the non-profit world, doing all things creative for over 8 years.

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Growth and Statistics Specialist

Cameron is Talaria's growth and statistics specialist. He received his masters degree in Finance from Dallas Baptist University where he also played collegiate soccer.

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Our Clients


  • Celebrities
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Musicians
  • News Anchors
  • Politicians/Lobbyists
  • CEO's
  • Authors/Speakers


  • MLS Players
  • NFL Players
  • NBA Players
  • Nascar Drivers


  • Start-ups
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Agencies
  • Financial Firms
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Mortgage Brokers

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